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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

Jon rip them boys a new asshole 

See, Jon Stewart usually does a lot of satirical humour, but at this point, the writers are just like “fuck the comedy this shit is real” and I was so happy to see that they finally covered this, and it was really well done.

This is why the daily show is my favorite show on television for stuff like this


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The smiling man is one creepy story, and it was turned into a short film. The entire plot is unsettling. 

You can read the story here

And watch the short film here



I love this short film and story. It’s definitely worth posting again.

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According to the YouTube video where I got the gifs from: 

On December 17th 2008 four 17 year old boys were found dead in their car at an abandoned farm, 10 miles from their hometown. This video contains the unedited footage from the camera. 

You can watch the video here: X but this is what happened

The teenage boys, were driving around being like any other teenager. The first creepy thing they found was a dead rabbit, and the most weird thing was that it was perfectly preserved.

Next one of the boys gets out of the car, but runs back saying there was a man in a mask in the fields.

The boys are lost in the road and keep going around in circles. At first they were joking about it but towards the end they get genuinely scared.

Especially when they thought they finally found a way out, but it just led them back to the entrance of the tunnel. As seen by the 4th GIF, the road completely changes as soon as the lights went out.

The end of the video shows a masked man at the tunnel, running towards the car. The video ends, with one of the boys face being smashed against the video camera. 

I’ve tried to look into this, but I’ve found nothing so I doubt this is a true event. 

But wow, you definitly managed to creep me out. 

For more creepy/paranormal posts go here: X

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Since the last audio post was really popular we tried out another

The Voice of Freddy is myself

The Voice of Foxy is wellheyproductions

The Voice of The Mother is creepy-rainbow-pasta

The Voice of the Girl deadjosey

The Voice of the Employee litterbot

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That plot twist is remarkable. Here’s the video for this. Here’s the last short horror film through gifs and a link to a creepy short film compilation

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I could go for a fruit roll up.


I could go for a fruit roll up.

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I begrudgingly walked with my son through Times Square last Saturday. With my firm situated so close on 40th and Broadway, I had been dreading this venture for quite some time. I absolutely hate wading through the throng of tourists on the way to work and the weekend was going to…

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A bit of a sample of what could be heard during the Day at “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”

The Voice of Freddy is myself

The Voice of Bonnie is creepypastajr

The Voice of Chica is trinathewolf

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A man is walking along a graveyard at 1 a.m. He hears a screaming wail sound coming from that general direction and calls out. This is what he sees. 

One of the first “ghost” videos to surface YouTube. 


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I would also like to add that this video is from a mexican tv show and that would be the host, Facundo, purposely strolling into that graveyard. As far as he has revealed the clip was not planned and that was the one time in this bit he was genuinely scared. He was yelling out profanity in spanish hardcore.

If I came across a girl sitting motionless in a dark graveyard at 1 a.m, I think I’d yell out profanities in every single language 

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Plot twist- it was o_0

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